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Your body deserves the very best products too.

Setting the standards of professional beauty care for more than 60 years!  SOTHYS is renowned for bringing advanced skin care and expertise to consumers exclusively through professional beauty salons worldwide.


About Sothys

Scientists at Sothys in France collaborate with universities and research laboratories in order to develop products and professional treatments with formulas combining well-being and technology for a positive transformation effect on body and mind.  Sothys continues to set the pace with innovative collections featuring cosmeceuticals, marine & botanical actives and COMEBIO certified organics.  Today, Sothys’ complete professional face and body rituals and high performance home care recommendations provide a single source to exceed both the professional spa and the consumer’s quest for finding well-being and skin health.  A global brand that transcends continents and cultures, represented in 20,000 spas in over 115 countries worldwide.



In 1946, Sothys was a beauty institute in Paris, where a list of exclusive customers enjoyed fine French products created by Dr. Hotz, a medical biologist.  In 1966, the Mas family acquired the Sothys Institute, already installed on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris. Mr Bernard Mas, Chairman, then decided to develop and expand the beautiful Sothys range and increase its availability. 

Mr Mas devoted himself to setting up distinctive export markets for Sothys products.  From then on, Sothys became a family business with an international vocation.  Sothys then installed its main production, distribution and administrative facilities in Brive, towards the center of France.  It is from here that Sothys' chemists, skin care specialists and marketing personnel worked to fullfill the life-long dream of the Mas family.  Of course, the products themselves are the stars in the Sothys constellation.  It may look good, smell good and feel good, but if it does not "work", it will not be found in the Sothys line. 

It is this dedication to creating the best professional skin care products in the world that has lead to a loyal following by professional estheticians. After all, their business and reputation depends on offering their own clients immediate, discernible results.  With Sothys, quality is entrusted in good hands.

Sothys Body Care Products


A nourishing and hydrating experience for the entire body. Chlorelline (algae) remineralizes and improves skin radiance. White lupin improves the skin’s protection while shea butter nourishes and increases suppleness.


A light and fresh cream that leaves hands soft and protected.  Vitamins A, E and F help strengthen fragile nails.

CHERRY BLOSSOM & LOTUS - floral, powdery

Shower Cream   £21.00

Revitalize and hydrate with this rich and luxurious Shower Cream. Enjoy the iridescent creamy foam as it gently envelopes the body leaving a light floral and powdery scent.

Relaxing Scrub    £39.50

Say goodbye to dry, rough skin with this gentle scrub; micro-beads exfoliate and soften the skin with a subtle fragrance.

Nourishing Body Elixir   £23.00

This nourishing oil leaves the skin soft, satiny and delicately scented. Its light texture penetrates rapidly leaving no oily residue.

CINNAMON & GINGER- warm and spicy

Shower Gel   £21.00

Indulge in this rich amber gel as it envelopes the body with a light, soft foam leaving it cleansed, smooth and protected.

Delicious Scrub   £39.50

Experience soft, supple skin with this decadent and exotic spicy marmalade exfoliant.

Nourishing Body Elixir   £23.00

Delight in this light and nourishing oil to leave skin satiny soft, and delicately scented.

Its light texture penetrates rapidly leaving no oily residue.



Slimming & Firming Body Products

Discover the Sothys slimming & firming collection that offers a customized solution to targeting cellulite and skin that has lost elasticity: 4 homecare products to provide a customized solution for every BODY. Proven results.

Essential Slimming Care   £60.00

The Essential Body Care takes action with its highly potent caffeine content to fight the appearance of cellulite with a smoothing effect. Its contents feature 8.9% of high-potency caffeine that promotes lipolysis to help eliminate cellulite by burning fatty acids that have built up in the fat cells. The formula also includes green coffee extract which slows lipogenesis to help block fatty acids from entering the fat cells. Apply with gentle smoothing strokes to the body area to be treated with just a once daily application.

Reshaping Cream   £53.50

Designed for post-pregnancy and post weight-loss body concerns. Active ingredients Sacred Lotus Extract and Soy Extract reinforce collagen and elastin, reduce fat storage and prevent future storage, reduce swelling and minimize the appearance of cellulite.Apply morning and evening to the stomach, waist, thighs and arms.

Firming Body Cream   £55.00

Firms, smoothes and nourishes skin for a more toned appearance. A firming complex containing protein-rich Pumpkin and flavanoid-rich Black Crowberry Juice and Rutin Salt reduces and prevents the appearance of stretch marks. Prickly Pear acts as a natural exfoliant to boost cell turnover and smooth skin while fatty acid-packed Shea Butter nourishes, moisturizes and restores suppleness to skin.  Apply to the body morning and evening, paying particular attention to slackened skin and stretch marks. Can also be used to firm the décolleté. 



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