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The Ultimate Facial Workout!


ICon UltraLift and Fusion No Needle Mesotherapy

A New Dimension In Non Surgical Technology – Backed By Ongoing Research and Development.

Peartree Beauty is incredibly excited to introduce to you our new innovative technology.

The iCon UltraLift provides preventative, toning and age reversal treatments with outstanding results.

My passion for facials, especially anti-ageing treatments, led me to discover iCon Ultralift. I have researched over the last couple of years a lot of machines including big named brands , but I believe this award winning, British machine achieves even better results. So I am thrilled to offer these fantastic treatments to my clients.

The machine offers a "skin gym facial workout" for your muscles using the highest powered wave-forms in the industry, stimulating the facial muscles to improve the tone and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What makes this treatment so effective is that along with the benefits of the traditional non-surgical face lift, the system delivers a revolutionary treatment that is already creating a huge impact in the beauty industry....NO NEEDLE mesotherapy.

Used in conjunction with iCon, mesotherapy enables the transdermal delivery of clinically graded serums deep into the dermal tissues (where new skin cells are formed basically). Highly effective age-reversal and prevention that is totally non-invasive and relaxing with natural results!

iCon Ultralift uses a current to stimulate circulation and work every facial muscle individually to restore tone and lift, which will in turn prevent the skin from sagging. These facials are preventative treatments and recommended for anyone who is concerned about the ageing process.

If you are developing or are starting to notice naso-labial lines, forehead lines, frown lines and crow's feet, drooping eyelids, saggy jowls or generally need a facial uplift, then these treatments are for you!!
A visible difference is evident after the very  first session, however, to achieve optimum results, we recommend a course of 10 intensive treatments, one a week for 10 weeks, followed by a monthly maintenance programme. Results for each client will vary depending on frequency of treatments, your skin condition, diet and home care regime.

Please note- We use Sothys products in all my Icon Ultralift facial treatments to deliver the most exceptional results possible. These treatments are not suitable during pregnancy.



iCon Ultimate Lift™ with Mesolift Therapy £67.00

This is the ultimate non-surgical facial with superior lifting and toning for dramatic results using, iCon Ultralift is the crème de la crème of facials.  Restoring and tightening muscle tone to forehead, eye area, cheeks, mouth ,jaw line & neck. We even include a lip plumping treatment within this treatment too, your lips will feel naturally fuller and more hydrated. Stimulating circulation and eliminating toxins, your face will be noticeably lifted, beautifully smooth with a perfectly refined skin tone. This facial includes Mesolift Therapy,

a highly effective and totally non-invasive technique with natural results, which enables specialised serum to be delivered deep into the skin. This is a full facial workout and skin care treatment in one.

After your facial workout  a Sothys prescriptive mask is applied and relax with a luxurious hand massage.

Just like going to the gym your facial workout is just the same so a course is recommended to get the best results a course of 10 is highly recommended and then one a month maintenance treatment is required. 

85mins per treatment.


iCon Lift™- Refine and Lift Facial  £57.00

A shorter treatment then the ultimate lifting facial , still restoring and tightening muscle tone to forehead, eye area, cheeks, mouth ,jaw line & neck. Stimulating circulation and eliminating toxins, your face will be noticeably lifted, beautifully smooth with a perfectly refined skin tone this DOES NOT include meso lift therapy, lip plumping or a mask. 45mins per treatment


Before Treatment.


Bespoke Meso Glow Skin Therapy  £60

    recommended one a week for 4 weeks.

 A bespoke facial using Sothys 3 phase exfoliation  glysalac treatment prepares the skin, pore refining and  smoothing the texture of the skin, followed by iCon Ultralift Meso Therapy.

iCon Ultralift Mesotherapy treatment trans-dermally delivers a cocktail of chosen clinically graded active serums into deep layers of the skin. The aim to target skin cells to produce collagen and elastin. Fantastic results from just one treatment.

1 hour per treatment.

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