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Choose from one of our Sothys Professional Facial Treatments.

                            Sothys Professional Facial Treatments.

Setting the standards of professional beauty care for more than 60 years!

SOTHYS is renowned for bringing advanced skin care and expertise to consumers exclusively through professional beauty salons worldwide.


About Sothys

Established in 1964, Sothys products have received worldwide recognition for their performance.  Scientists at Sothys in France collaborate with universities and research laboratories in order to develop products and professional treatments with formulas combining well-being and technology for a positive transformation effect on body and mind.  Sothys continues to set the pace with innovative collections featuring cosmeceuticals, marine & botanical actives and COMEBIO certified organics.  Sothys complete professional face and body rituals and high performance home care recommendations provide a single source to exceed both the professional spa and the consumer’s quest for finding well-being and skin health.  A global brand that transcends continents and cultures, represented in 20,000 spas in over 115 countries worldwide.


Peartree Beauty in assosiation with SOTHYS Paris is a fully accredated stockist of all Sothys beauty products. 

We stock Sothys full skin care range, which are available to purchase & used in salon treatments, applied ansd advised by our

Sothys trained & approved in-house beauty therapists.


Sothys Luxury Facial Treatments


*Secrets de Sothys Treatment* £95

 Luxurious Anti-ageing Treatment  1hr 30mins

Secrets de Sothys Soin Excellence facial treatment encapsulates luxury, elegance and sophistication in a truly unforgettable experience. This incomparable anti-aging treatment envelops the skin with soft, rich textures and light delicate scents to plunge your senses into a peaceful and serene sanctuary. Exclusive formulations utilizing the Sothys Rose stem cells and precious porcelain flower oil delivered in unison with our exclusive Liftoplastie™ massage and second skin bio cellulose mask reactivates and regenerates the skin’s youth and natural beauty. Exceptional ultra-concentrated formulas ensure dramatic and long lasting results.



*Youth Treatment*    £78.00*

Anti-Ageing   1hr 20mins

Superior Youth Treatment   £100

Glysalac Peel + Youth Treatment + Eye Treatment 1hr 45mins

Sothys selects the best of nature and places them alongside the latest scientific breakthroughs to bring you this ultra-sophisticated, luxurious, intensive treatment that will reduce the visible signs of ageing giving you back that youthful, radiant glow.

The TRI-COMPLEX ™ which combines two botanical active ingredients, Saffron and Sophora to fight against oxidative stress and free radicals, with new generation peptides (Matrikines) that provides an injection free solution to plump & firm the skin for a younger looking complexion and long term fix for aging skin.

1 hour and 30 minutes of targeted treatment .

For best results we recommend a course of 3 treatments - one a week for three weeks. Sothys results = 100% satisfaction with overall anti-wrinkle and firming effect, 51% smoothing of wrinkles & 50% increase in firmness

Alongide the facial  5 New Youth Programme Moisturisers there are also 5 New Serums. A targeted soution for ALL signs of aging for you to use at home.

Keep your age a secret with Sothys Youth!

*Detox Energie™ Luxurious Intensive Facial Treatment* £78.00

Regenerate & Illuminate, Detox & Energize  1hr 20mins

Superior Detox-Energie Treatment   £100

Glysalac Peel + Detox Treatment + Eye Treatment   1hr 45mins

We are super excited to announce the launch of Sothys DETOX ENERGIE™ range available to you now at Peartree Beauty! Pollution, outdoor & indoor, are amongst the biggest health threats of modern society. The problem affects over 91% of the population: people who live in the cities AND in rural environments in the countryside. After 4 years of advanced research, Sothys have developed a complete solution to protect the skin against pollution, to detoxify and re-energize the skin and help reduce the effects of skin ageing, using an exclusive trio of new generation, natural extracts in the new DETOX ENERGIE™ line - Organic Elderberry Extract, Organic Siberian Ginseng and Green Tea. 

Available to you in a brand new professional facial treatment and a home care range giving satisfaction right from the first treatment. Your skin is recharged with energy, clear, smooth and radiant, regaining that youthful glow.

Treat your skin to a burst of energy!


*Hydra4 - Hyaluronic Acid Super Intensive Treatment*     £78.00

Outstanding Hydration   1hr 20mins

Superior Hydra4 Treatment   £100 

Glysalac Peel + Hydra4 Treatment + Eye Treatment 1hr 45mins

The absolute hydration solution, 4x moisturising power.

With 6 stages to quench, hydrate and plump the skin, renewing its youthfulness.

This high-performance treatment combines 4 sources of hyaluronic acid with 2 patented Sothys active ingredients. It is recommended as a series of three treatments for incredible hydration results!

Before   &    After


  Cryo Eye Treatment      £52.00

Specifically For The Eye Area    45mins  

Introducing our NEW Cryo Eye Treatment  - a complete treatment for the eye area to target wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and damage caused by blue light (light from screens). This amazing 45 minute treatment, which has been specifically designed for the delicate eye area, to prevent and correct all signs of ageing and fatigue around the eye contour even those caused by lifestyle factors such as sleepless nights or light from screens.  For younger more rested eyes from the 1st treatment, the results are amazing!

Formulated without fragrance, without colouring* and ophthalmologically tested.



Organic Radiance Treatment   £48.00

All skin types inc. sensitive skins    45mins

Sothys Organic facial is designed to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin using Organic and Vegan ingredients. The treatment will begin with a double facial cleanse using Sothys organic facial oil to prepare your skin, followed by exfoliation with organic raspberry seeds and Camargue rice grains plus the key organic ingredient of revitalising birch sap leaving the skin fresh and revitalised. This will then be followed with a relaxing facial and scalp massage using a professional mask. Finished with the organic emulsion moisturiser, leaving your skin looking and feeling hydrated and radiant.




   *Seasonal Facial*     £48.00

Any skin type   45mins

Just like the seasons our skin changes, to reflect this change Sothys have created a beautiful Seasonal facial care. Launched twice yearly with new active ingredients these treatments will rejuvenate, hydrate, smooth, brighten and protect the skin from the elements.

This autumn/winter discover the delightful fruity notes of Sothys Black Tea & Bergamot Seasonal Treatment. 

With 4 fantastic homecare products for you to choose from!





*Resurfacing Treatment*   £58.00 

Skin renewal    1hr

This is a complete cosmeceutical treatment that intensively renews the skin. Detoxify, oxygenate and resurface the skin for immediate visible results. A manual micro-dermabrasion with semi-precious ruby & sapphire crystals is followed by a renewing glycolic/salicylic peel. A relaxing massage and oxygenating mask reveal a radiant, clear complexion.

NB. This treatment is not suitable during pregnancy or on sensitive skins.


Glysalac Pro Peel       £43.00  

Skin renewal    30mins 

A course of 4 treatments 1 a week for 4 weeks £150

  This express Glysalac Pro Peel is formulated with 20% Glycolic & 2% Salicylic acid for a double action exfoliation, to refine the skin’s texture, providing immediate skin brightening. To reveal a clear and uniform skin tone, leaving a smooth and healthy, glowing complexion. Perfect for treating scarring, blemish marks, pigmentation, age spots, sun damage, tired complexions, lines, wrinkles and congestion.

NB. This treatment is not suitable during pregnancy or on sensitive skins.

Glysalac Pro Peel can be added to some of our other facials for an extra exfoliation boost to kick start your skin before your treatment. Please add an extra £10.00.


Sleeping Beauty Facial *Limited Edition*   £52.00

Oxygenating    45mins 

The importance of ‘beauty sleep’ is no fairy tale. While you sleep, your skin is working over-time to un-do the damage from the day. Wake up Wonderful!  Our new detoxifying facial gently resurfaces the skin treating the effects of premature ageing, pollution & lack of sleep.

Prescription Facial        £44.00

Any skin type    50mins

An individually tailored facial to meet your skin type needs, using hot towels and massage to relax and refresh your skin.


 Express Energie Facial      £31.00

Any skin type    30mins

If you are short on time this is a quick pick me up facial for the skin to bring back a youthful glow.

Teen Clean Facial Treatment  £30.00

Any skin type   30mins

Adapted for each treatment for individual needs of teenage skin.

hydra facial.jpg

All facial treatments denoted by * include a choice of  complimentary hand & arm or foot & leg massage.

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