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Cinnamon & Ginger Shower gel

This scent is a favourite in salon treatments, it smells amazing! Use Sothys Shower Gel to gently cleanse the skin and leave it delicately perfumed, it's beautiful active ingredients including Provitamin B5 help prevent dryness. Use whenever you take a shower.

Apply to dampened skin. Work up a lather, then rinse thoroughly.

Can also be used for the bath. 200ml


Cinnamon and Ginger Delicious Scrub- Gently exfoliates and enhances the skin. Active ingredients include Corn oil to nourish the skin, providing softness and comfort. Exfoliating particles are of mineral origin - Rhyolite grains & gray-silver volcanic rock., there are also exfoliating particles of vegetable origin -  rice grains, grains of sugar, nutmeg & ginger.The skin is softer,smoother, supple and pleasantly perfumed.

Use- Apply to entire body in the shower. For extra exfoliation, apply to dry skin. Rinse thoroughly.200ml


Cinnamon & Ginger Nourishing Body Elixir
This nourishing body oil takes you on an aromatic amber sensorial escape. With active ingredients Marula oil (Africa) to soften and nourish dry skin. This is a dry oil body elixir it does not leave your skin feeling greasy.

Use - daily or perfect after a good exfoliation. Spray on the entire body or target areas and massage in with circular movements.100ml


Ginger & Cinnamon Body Home Care Package

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