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Add definition to lashes and brows with Mii mascaras and Brow by Mii. 

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Mii is a cosmetics range that gives the confidence to create a look that is uniquely, completely and unmistakably you.

Mii cosmetics and Brow by Mii use the finest quality ingredients which are cruelty free and vegan friendly.

A wide range of mascaras and eyebrow products enable you to create a variety of looks and compliment our professional Brow by Mii treatment beautifully.


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Brow by Mii Prices

Conceal and Contour Duo £11.50

Finishing Brow Gel £11.95

Precision Brow Detailer £12.50

Definitive Slanted Tweezers £12.95

Sculpting Brow Builder £14.95

Artistic Brow Creator £16.95

Statement Brow Kit £16.95

Designer Brow Duo £22.95


Mii Mascara Prices

Full Focus Lash Duo £17.95

Waterproof Lash Lover £14.50

Intensifying Lash Lover £13.50

Feature Length Lash Lover £15.50

Showstopping Lash Lover £14.50

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